NEW Kevin & Kell book
It's "Turvy"! The complete year of 2017 of "Kevin & Kell" is now available! Here we follow Lindesfarne's pregnancy from start to finish, including the climatic battle against the evil hate group N.O.P.E. In addition to all 365 strips we also feature Lindesfarne's Virtual Quill commentary.

Dethany's June video

Her video for June is now here!   Once again Fi fills in for Dethany, this time discussing the topic of workplace honesty. She offers her own cynical take on detecting falsehoods in her own...unique demeanor.

NEW Fastrack book, Autocorrect!

New Fastrack collection, featuring the complete year of 2015, featuring the notoriously overzealous app.

Jack Davis Award

I have just been honored with the 2018 Jack Davis Award in recognition of the legendary MAD Magazine artist, given by the Southeastern Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society. I'm humbled, as I've always attempted to live up to his impossible standard.


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